September 11th

Last modified on September 10th, 2006

Well, in about nine hours I’ll be lifting off from Vancouver International Airport, heading for Logan airport via Toronto. I’m actually pretty surprised how normal I feel about flying tomorrow. I thought I would be pretty nervous. Maybe flying with 3 of your close pals makes it a bit easier, or maybe it’s the thought of the stewardess and her cartload of beer that makes it worthwhile.

Clay and Aaron flew today to set up the booth and get ready. Clay’s blog entry is pretty funny.

Chris and I made the obvious mistake of sitting on my couch, drinking beer and watching 24 episodes up until a few minutes ago, so I’m sure tomorrow’s flight is going to be painful. What’s cool about VON, and most of these other VoIP events, is that the same people usually end up going. So no matter where it is, it’s always a bit of a reunion so to speak. I was watching Yahoo Messenger all day as each person from the world slowly landed (Jason landed around supper time, Hisham landed from Europe, Cullen from San Fran, four of us are on tomorrow’s flight from YVR).. So tomorrow night is going to be one hell of a drinking adventure I’m sure.

I’m bringing the DSLR, even though I’m completely loaded with computer shit. I’m actually pretty worried about crossing the border on 9/11 with a bag full of electronics.. I’m so getting the anal probe it’s not even funny. It’s like “uh, yeah, that’s a mac mini, an external usb hard drive, a digital SLR, three lenses, a dual core laptop, a router, and a 10 port switch — do you just want me to bend over here, or in the back room?”

Oh well. Anyways, keep checking my blog out over the next few days.. I’m gonna to see how much of VON I can cover with my camera in three short days. I get back late Thursday night, and if everyone at work agrees, I’ll be taking Friday off to rest and recover from working the last 21 days straight. Chris and I have a pretty tight schedule of bars we want to hit, so it should be pretty awesome.

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