Last modified on February 11th, 2008

Part of the reason I went back to Chilliwack this last weekend was to get caught up on sleep before all the craziness begins this month and next. Thankfully I managed to do just that, and often slept in until 11:30 or noon. I actually feel fairly refreshed, which is a nice change.

2133585043_94db3ca59a.jpgChilliwack Rainbow

One of the things I’m going to try to do over the next two months is to lose a few pounds. Before being in the hospital and all my surgeries, I was in a fairly happy place with regards to health. But this last year has been tough and I haven’t really been that vigilant with watching what I eat and getting exercise.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to make a focused attempt to drop down to the happy zone again in the next few months, which means I won’t be going out and doing things as much (since I don’t really have a lot of time these days). Not sure how much I’ll blog about my efforts, but we’ll see what I can do. Considering I’m about to go on antibiotics again, I probably won’t have alcohol to contend with, which should make it easier. But for all of you who like to offer me sweets, I’d appreciate it if you can keep them to yourself for the next few months.

My birthday is coming up in April, so we’ll see if I can be back in happy land by then.

Wish me luck!