Upgrading From GoDaddy Hosting

Last modified on February 18th, 2007

If you accessed my website at all today, you would witnessed one of the slowest websites to ever grace the series of tubes that we call the internet. I spent about two hours on the phone today with web hosting company GoDaddy.com trying to convince them that it was their problem. Unfortunately, even after escalating it multiple times, they still told me it was my fault.

So about an hour ago I decided that I had had enough of GoDaddy. I cancelled my hosting, acquired new hosting via HostMonster, and managed to change my DNS and completely set up my blog from scratch in a little under an hour. Unfortunately the hosting costs are a little more at HostMonster, but thankfully everything seems quite a bit faster than it used to be.

So long GoDaddy.com. Thanks for coming out.

Also, here’s a shot I took off my patio earlier tonight.

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  1. cici says:

    i wish my eyes worked like that all the time.

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