Paws For A Cause

Last modified on August 7th, 2008

Keira and Matt, two of my good friends, are currently raising money for the SPCA’s ‘Paws For A Cause’ program. The money raised through this event will help provide food, shelter and medical assistance to animals that are abused and abandoned. Matt had this to say on their Paws For A Cause page:

My unconditional love for my dogs is equal to that felt for my family and dearest friends. I would, without hesitation, sacrifice whatever need be sacrificed to see them healthy and happy, they are that important to me.

I am certainly not alone when it comes to such feelings. There are dogs out there right now in need of good homes capable of transforming lives, of providing a companionship that people have cherished for almost our entire tenure on this planet. Thus, through them, and for them, initiatives like Paws For A Cause can help animals in need throughout the Province and place us in the fortunate position of being able to give something back in return for what our unquestioning companions have given us.

I sincerely hope that you will participate by donating whatever you are able.

On behalf of Benji, Casey, Pete and Bella – my most sincere thanks,

Matthew Good

I’ve actually grown quite fond of two of Matt’s dogs, Casey and Benji, over the last few years. I’ve spent many a day at the beach throwing sticks for Casey, and affectionately refer to him as my “stick buddy” whenever I talk about him.


It’s a great cause, and I’m more than happy to support it as well. So head on over to Matt’s blog entry or to their Paws For A Cause page if you’d like more information, or to donate to the SPCA. Thanks.