Stitch Free – again

Last modified on November 30th, 2006

Well, I got the steri-strips off and the stitches out just a while ago. It actually looks pretty good. There’s a small line of dried blood that should come off in the next week or so, but once that’s gone I don’t think there’s gonna to be too much of a scar at all.

Here’s a picture taken just a few minutes ago (for those of you interested). Sorry for the stupid angle, and the stupid pose, but it’s hard taking self pics.

Me on the couch tonight after cleaning my face a bit

So, as Hesty would put it, my head is nearly unfucked now. Everything is looking pretty good. My vision is nearly perfect. And I’m going to celebrate with a few beers after work on Friday.

On another note — Death Cab for Cutie kicks some serious ass. I’ve been listening to this stuff non-stop since yesterday.

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