Sunshine For A Broken Heart

Last modified on October 27th, 2010

Today I got an email from an old friend I hadn’t heard from in a while. Jill wrote me an email and let me know than her boyfriend thought he would be the poster boy for immaturity and break up with her via email. Obviously, I don’t think that’s very cool. You would think if you care about someone you would at least have the decency to do it in person.

That period of time after I got tossed through that window was obviously pretty hard on me. I went through two surgeries, months of recovery time (during which the left side of my face was completely numb — it’s actually still pretty numb, but you get used to it), and to be honest, was pretty much a sorry shell of the person I’d like to think of myself as. Strangely enough, a lot of what kept me going each day were the comments I would receive on my blog, and the odd email I’d receive from strangers. One lady in New York, someone I had never met, sent me $20 US along with a really nice card and instructions to go buy myself some nachos. Truthfully, that act, in the state I had been in, nearly brought me to tears. That’s how I met Jill actually — she emailed me out of the blue one time when I was sad and offered me a bit of happiness to help cheer me up.

It’s easy to forget the reasons why we blog. Sometimes waking up each day and filtering through the mass of content is overbearing. Sometimes you get a pile of nasty comments and associated emails. Sometimes you write a thoughtful piece, only to be criticized and told you’re stupid. Sometimes you get called out on the Internet and have to spend considering time and effort defending yourself.

And then sometimes you meet people like Jill – people who reach out to strangers and lend some of their sunshine to brighten your day. And while I’ve never met Jill in real life, it’s clear she has a really big heart (and also a big Truck I think). So today it’s my turn to return some of that sunshine I’ve been given in the past. Jill, I hope your heart doesn’t stay broken for long and that you find someone worthy of your affection. Your BC friends are here for you whenever you need us.

Sorry for everyone who commented on this — I accidentally deleted it while playing with my blog and had to restore it from my RSS feed