Orbital Floor Surgery Appointment

Last modified on May 10th, 2007

Today I headed out to The University of British Columbia for an appointment with Dr. Kevin Bush, one of the best plastic surgeons (who specializes in cranial-facial reconstruction) in the province. I had some time to kill, so I spent 30 minutes just walking around enjoying the sunshine, reminiscing about the nearly eight years I spent wandering around the campus. It’s really weird being on campus in the summer. Most students don’t really have a chance to see the rose garden in full bloom, or enjoy campus life when the weather is nice out (since the school year coincides with the bad weather seasons in Vancouver). I had the opportunity to work on campus one summer, and it was really refreshing being there when the pace was more relaxed, and the weather nice and sunny.

At around 10:40, I made my way down to the UBC Hospital for my appointment. Dr. Bush did a few quick checks of my eyesight and my eye positioning, and agreed it was probably worth doing another surgery for. I brought my CT scan with me in case he wanted to see it, but as I went to hand it to him I realized I somehow managed to crack the CD between the time I left home and the time I got to UBC (way to go Duane). Oh well. I originally left thinking it would be a few more weeks before I had a scheduled surgery date, but as I was heading towards my car, I got a call from the secretary in Dr. Bush’s office. Apparently they had a last minute cancellation for this Wednesday (the 16th), and asked if I wanted to take the spot. You bet I do.

So, unless something happens, I’ll be heading into the OR again this Wednesday. The actual surgery is only about an hour in length, and should have about a week or recovery at home. He seemed pretty confident about restoring my eye’s position, and hopefully that the surgery would correct my double vision (although he warned me that in rare cases it sometimes can get worse). Things are finally in motion again, and I’m just anxious to get everything all over with.

7 responses to “Orbital Floor Surgery Appointment”

  1. Brennen says:

    dude how do you crack a cd? it’s not like an egg. From now on it’s a duaner. As in… “wow man you just pulled a duaner, that blunder is really hard to pull off.” Anyhow, glad your surgery is gonna be sooner than later. Good luck, i hope everything goes well. Call Jess and i out to make you dinner, we’ll be there.

  2. Rosie says:

    I used to go to UBC, too…loved the rose garden! Anyway, hope all goes well with your surgery!

  3. kk says:

    wow… crazy bro. be well, and lemme know if i can help ya with anything.

  4. Duane Storey says:

    Thanks guys… I’ll be stuck at home during the week, so feel free to drop in and drink some wine anytime.

  5. Tom says:

    What a nice, colourful photograph. Spring is finally here. BTW I was looking for Brennan’s web site but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  6. Jana says:

    Wow that is great. I am glad you finally have a fixed date for that. So to which address do we send a get-well gift basket? :))
    I hope all will go exceptionally well, Duane!

  7. Rebecca says:

    We’ll stop by for pancakes…. *midnite* pancakes.

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