Surgery Part Two

Last modified on February 22nd, 2007

I had an appointment this morning with an eye specialist to go over the last CT scan I had a few weeks ago. Prior to the CT scan, I was told that my double vision would probably be permanent, and the displacement of my eye may not be completely fixable. However, apparently the CT scan shows that the bottom muscle of my eye is depressed into the silastic implant that was put in back in November. So basically, that muscle isn’t moving freely and is contributing to my double vision and cosmetic differences between my two eyes.

The good news is that they think they can do something about it. That is, they are probably going to go in and adjust everything to free that muscle and hopefully restore proper function to my eye. The obvious downside to that is that it involves another surgery at St. Paul’s with associated recovery time and token prescription of Percocet.

I don’t really mind going through all of this again, I just really want the whole episode to be over. It seems like such a brief moment back in November that caused everything, and I just want to be able to turn the page and not look back. I have a meeting with my plastic surgeon on March 7th to see what he thinks, and hopefully finalize when and where the surgery will occur.

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  1. Jill says:

    Who can’t identify with the words, “I just really want the whole episode to be over”. Everyone has pieces of the past they want to put away. Everyone has pieces of the past they want to live again and again. The future can look pretty exciting or it can appear a bit frightening too. Then there’s the present, the time to just be. Personally, I like moving forward, but sometimes it’s just as important (and enjoyable) to stand still. If it appeals to you, hopefully you get to do some standing still while on vacation next week. Getting away from the past and waiting for the future can be so exhausting.
    (I don’t know if that made any relevant sense, it’s just what came to mind.)

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