Last modified on May 11th, 2006

So, I’ve recently had a revelation about technology. Walking around Vancouver, I’ve been amazed at how much our society depends on technology. Computers, cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, TVs, DVDs.. These things are all great. But as I walked around Vancouver yesterday I realized one thing: we have all this great technology to help us, but none of it %*(&# works.

I woke up in the morning and decided to go for a short walk and listen to some music. I left my apartment, and then proceeded to wait 10 minutes to grab one of three elevators (two of which were out of service). I walked down the street, only to have my iPod die out after a few short blocks. So much for my morning walk. Next came the drive to work. Normally I try and walk to work, but today I had planned on replacing the broken windshield in my car (oh, another thanks to that guy who flung a rock at it). I pulled into the parking garage here at work, and stuck my Visa into the ticket machine, only to be greeted with “Card Invalid.” Hmm, I just used it last night, so it’s not Invalid. Oh well, just a buggy piece of software I guess. Several attempts later, I’m stuck in the same spot, digging through all my pockets to come up with enough cash to pay for a ticket. I manage to just scrape by, so I’m ok.

Later that evening I went to the mall. The sole reason I wanted to go to the mall was to replace my cell phone (which has developed the interesting ability to turn itself off at seemingly random times). I finally find the Bell Mobility center, and pick out the phone I want. Unfortunately, the girl tells me, all their computers are down, so despite having spent 30 minutes preparing to buy a phone, I’m unable to actually get it. “Come back tomorrow,” the girl says.

Thankfully, before I left the mall, the computers at the Bell Mobility center come back up, and I finished my purchase. I went back home, and sat on the couch. I opened up my shining new phone, and got excited when I saw “Message Waiting.” I dialed the number for voice mail, and entered the password the Bell Mobility girl gave me.

“Password Invalid.”

Isn’t technology great?

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  1. Tom Storey says:

    True “BUT”, without the technology, you wouldn’t be able to broadcast your thougths via a “blog”. You would have to write a letter to everyone, address the envolopes, provide stamps (yuk) and then delivery them to the local mailbox. And wait a couple of weeks to see if anyone cared to respond. “Can’t live with it and can’t live without it”….lol.

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