Back From WordCamp Whistler

Last modified on January 26th, 2009

As I’m pretty beat, I’ll post in more detail about WordCamp Whistler over the next few days. But I wanted to just say that it was a really great success in my opinion, and for the most part, went off without any hitches. I want to thank John Bollwitt and Rebecca Bollwitt for all their hard work over the last two months to help make it possible. I also want to thank all of the sponsors, speakers, and of course, the attendees who came up and made it a success.

Photo by John Biehler

We were hoping that at least 50 people would ultimately show up. The official turn out was somewhere around 105 people, which was really awesome. I was approached by various people over the course of the weekend and told how great it was to have a conference of this nature in Whistler.

It’s going to take me a few days to came down off the WordCamp Whistler high, but I just wanted to give an update for everyone who was following along. Hopefully we’ll be able to put another event on next year as well, as it really turned out better than I could have expected.

3 responses to “Back From WordCamp Whistler”

  1. darren says:

    Wow…great job! Wish I could have made it!

  2. John says:

    You guys did an amazing job of pulling it all together.

    I don’t think most people appreciate all the grunt work that comes with organizing something like this….the fact you guys pulled it off in two months is even more incredible!

  3. Tawcan says:

    I looked through bunch pics from WordCamp Whistler. Looks like an awesome good time.

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