BarCamp Vancouver 2010

Last modified on November 18th, 2010

BarCamp, Photo by John Biehler

Tomorrow is the kick-off party for BarCamp Vancouver. While I do indeed have a ticket, I’m not entirely sure I’m going to be able to make it at this point. I’m right at the end of a huge client deliverable, and my attendance will depend on whether or not I can get it all done tomorrow. In addition, I’m also hoping to start moving things into storage this weekend if I can.

That said, I’ve been to a few other BarCamp Vancouver events before, and am hoping to make an appearance at the party if I can. BarCamp is an unconference – attendees put conference suggestions on a board, and everyone votes on what they’d like to hear about. It’s a great concept, and most people come away not only learning about new concepts, but also helping others to learn new concepts.

Tomorrow night is the party down at the Waldorf Hotel. Afterwards, many of the hardcores will start hacking away on some projects, ultimately spending the night at the facility and waking up for the unconference in the morning.

It’s a great time, and I’m really hoping to make it out for at least a beer or two. If you see me there, make sure you come by and say hi.

I’ll be the really tired guy with two beers.

3 responses to “BarCamp Vancouver 2010”

  1. curtismchale says:

    I too have a ticket and wonder if I’ll be able to actually make it. Just got lots to do around the house and it appears that I forgot to tell the wife about it till yesterday. I’d like to make it out on Saturday for a bit but we’ll see.

  2. Duane Storey says:

    Yah, I’m swamped. But, I’m running out of opportunities to hang out with people before my big trip, so would like to have a few beers.

  3. Cool photo of me – probably the only one wearing that magenta shirt. Also looks like Cam and I are at Workspace. Loved that view out the windows.

    See you tonight. Glad we get to see you before you take off into the wild blue yonder.
    Hope you can make it on Saturday. I’ll be doing a talk on Plex .9 http://www.plexapp

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