Clearly Not Everyone Likes Rogers

Last modified on June 4th, 2008

Jay from Giant Ant Media just emailed me a few awesome YouTube videos they did with regards to Roger’s customer service. I thought I’d share them with everyone, because they’re a riot.

Given the content of my last post, I think these are particularly relevant.

Now, I’ve been a Bell Mobility customer for a long time, and I can honestly say that they’re not very good either. I suspect the grass is always greener, but I’m fairly certain most wireless users in Canada would agree that we need some new blood in the market to help keep the current breed of wireless providers honest and competitive.

10 responses to “Clearly Not Everyone Likes Rogers”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Honestly, I’ve been with Telus and Rogers and I’ve never once had a problem with Rogers’ reception – just Telus. ie. it’ll work in the elevator, underground parking, everywhere.

  2. Duane Storey says:

    Probably depends a lot on where you live and how close you are to a base station. My phone won’t work in my elevator at all.

  3. Yeah, Rogers sucks, but so does Bell so what are you going to do? I would tend to say that Bell has a much better network (in terms of coverage – at least in the Ottawa area), or at least that has been my experience. I’m currently with Rogers and get VERY sketchy reception at work, and only marginally better at home. The only reason I’m sticking with them is the iPhone.

  4. P.S. Great videos!

  5. Duane Storey says:

    I’m fairly certain Bell is going to slap on a $100 disconnection charge or some other bullshit when people start canceling their service. I don’t know how they get away with arbitrary fees like that, and I have no intention of paying it.

  6. Jay Grandin says:

    I’m sure they will; Rogers charges a $450 disconnection fee… hence the impetus for the video. It’s insanity.

  7. Duane Storey says:

    I actually think that might be illegal. I remember some ruling involving the CRTC a few years ago about an upper cap.

  8. Lloyd Budd says:

    Great videos! Oligoploy would be more correct, but it might not have been as lyrical — or maybe it would have!

  9. Lloyd Budd says:

    You are screwed!

    I’m with Fido (Roger’s arm) because of no contracts.

    Good old EFTs (Early Termination Fees). They get away with those arbitrary fees because they include those in the contract you signed 🙁 And you will pay them because otherwise they will screw with your credit rating.

    A couple of years back, we ended up paying Telus $40 a month for a phone we no longer used (owed them 2 years, after over a year, a friend took over the contract). When we moved back from the USA, Cingular let us get out of our contract with no charge and hoped that we would use their service again if we moved back — if all else failed, we would have said we were moving to Caliente, or tried one of Consumerist’s scripts for getting out without EFT.

  10. Lloyd Budd says:

    In unscientific polling, I’ve found is if you like to visit different parts of BC (camping?), Telus has better coverage.

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