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Last modified on October 6th, 2009

I get enough of these types of emails that I basically don’t even really read them any more.

Hi Duane,

For the release of a future worldwide success story, I’m urgently looking for a Linux debugging expert with very strong knowledges of C/C++!

They’re implementing the ANDROID (Java) mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel, then looking for someone who knows Android architecture and API’s.
To resume:
-Strong C/C++ knowledges
-Experience with Linux Kernel development, and various Linux distributions
-Testing, and Linux/Unix development skills

You love Brussels, are excited by working in an international environment with offshore team, and available ASAP, this is your job.

Here are a couple of things that bother me when I get these:

  • I’m not really a Linux expert, something they’d know if they scanned my resume on this site. I also don’t have any ANDROID experience
  • The grammar and spelling are screwy in a few spots — I’m expected to proof read my resume before submitting it, I think they should do the same
  • I have no idea what Brussels is like. Given that my website is obviously Vancouver/BC based, it would probably be more effective to tell me things about Brussels I would like, or have a few links to life in Brussels

Anyways, I obviously already have a job I like, I just have never understood the lack of personal touches to these types of emails. It’s like going in for a job interview and having the interviewer read your resume for the first time while you’re sitting there — leaves a really bad taste in one’s mouth.

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  1. Dale Mugford says:

    Come work BraveNewCode! We pay in hooker! You like it long time! Good juices! Make website have dances! Job in Bangledesh, eat smoked meats and dine with wine girls. More flights in store, you see world in new light!

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