CSS3 Web Fonts

Last modified on October 14th, 2008

I started messing around with some CSS3 stuff the other day and managed to add a web font to my site. As you can see, the title of every post is now rendered using a non web-safe font (at least if your browser supports CSS3 – right now I believe only Safari does). It’s a bit premature, as many browsers do not support them, but I thought I’d start figuring out the tricks of tomorrow’s trades.

It’s just a bit of CSS magic, along with a true-type font on the server. The browser downloads the TTF and renders the titles using that font. I think it’s a pretty cool new feature, and I am looking forward to when web-fonts are part of a ubiquitous surfing experience.

** On another note, I have to drop my car off at the body shop tomorrow to get the damage to my door repaired. Hopefully they don’t screw it up. It’ll be in the shop for a few days, so they are giving me a courtesy car until it’s fixed.