iPhone Or Bust?

Last modified on June 10th, 2008

My mom used to always say that somethings in life seem to happen for a reason. Surprisingly, she’s been right most of my life, and the strangest things sometimes happen to me that end up pushing me down a path that turns out to be a good one.

While camping this weekend, my Samsung A880 phone went into a spiral of death, and started complaining about not being able to find service. I figured that I maybe forgot to pay my bill or something stupid, and called up Bell Mobility yesterday. After spending two days on the phone with them, they are all of the opinion that my phone has just gone the way of the Dodo.

So, the question right now is just what do I do with myself. I currently have no phone, so I could probably break my contract and be done with it. The iPhone is coming out in about 30 days, so I could maybe do without a phone for that period of time (although it would suck). Or I could maybe try and barter a loaner phone from Bell under the guise of trying to get my phone fixed.

Decisions, decisions. I’m going to head downstairs to the Bell store and see what I can do about it. But it’s looking likely that I’ve just been pushed down the iPhone path.

** Update – after spending 10 minutes yelling at some stupid Bell Mobility person (who is obviously paid to ensure that nobody can leave THE FIRM), they finally agreed to let me go. Of course, they threw a pile of curve balls at me, namely having to do with keeping my current phone number. Finally, I just told the guy to shove my number up his ass and just cancel the damn thing. So, it’s done. That means I’m technically without a phone. To be honest, I might just grin and bear it for a month. Except for text messages, I really don’t field a lot of phone calls, and have voice over IP on my computer for whenever I need to make a call. I have a GSM RAZR at home somewhere, so maybe I’ll pop a pre-paid SIM in it for the next month in case anyone wants to get a hold of me.