Vancouver Technology Salaries

Last modified on February 29th, 2008

Given that I’ve been with my current company for the last four years, I haven’t really had to think about salaries for quite some time. That being said, I’m actually curious how Vancouver is doing in terms of salaries in the high-tech department. I know it’s fairly easy to acquire a +100k job in the Bay Area, and in New York you can easily approach 200k in some fields (Math+Programming in the stock market for example). By talking to various people over the last few months, I gather there’s a pretty big spread amongst most companies in this city.

I’ve thrown together a few quick and dirty poll widgets to sort of test the waters. They are all completely anonymous, so don’t worry about putting down your number. I’ve set up three areas. The developer one is for anyone doing PHP, C++, Ruby, C#, etc. The marketing one is for anyone doing internet, print or media marketing (or related) for a company on a full time basis. The last one is web design, or things pertaining to the web that don’t fall under the development category. Actually, I just added one more — if you don’t fit into any of those, feel free to toss yourself on the fourth one.

Please only vote for one area if you vote. I’ll close the polls down in a few days and show people the results.