1. I just realized I don’t own any glasses, just mugs
  2. My plants are all dead or dying
  3. My christmas tree is still up
  4. I don’t look at bills before I pay them, I typically just pay a random amount and hope it’s right
  5. I’ve lived in my current apartment for two and a half years, and I still don’t have a bedroom suite or a dresser for my clothes
  6. I have the boxes for my iMac and my Macbook pro still in the corner of my living room. They make me happy
  7. I collect wine. But I don’t really drink it.
  8. I get groceries once a month, and my fridge is about 50% beer
  9. I have nine cores worth of computing power at home. Somewhere there’s a girl that finds that hot, I just know it
  10. There are sometimes random pork products around my apartment

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