That I Should Leave The World Unseen

Last modified on July 14th, 2009

I’m pretty close to wrapping up a few projects here, so much so that I’m half packed already for my upcoming road trip. Until this afternoon, I hadn’t really decided what I was going to do for a little break, but after talking to a few people, decided to hit the open road and see where it takes me. It’s more of a working vacation to be honest, as I still have a few client projects to do, but I plan to do them from beside the pool at a KOA, or little coffee shops near the ocean somewhere. I’ve been up and down the West Coast quite a few times now, so it’s a drive I’m familiar with. But every trip is a little different, and I usually meet lots of people at every campground I end up at.


My friend Lynn lives in Seattle, and I haven’t seen her in a few years, so I’d like to swing by and hang out with her for an afternoon. In addition, my old boss at CounterPath, Sean, lives in Portland, and he’s already offered me his spare room, so I might end up there as well. Other than that, I’m hoping to hit a few campgrounds, drink a few beers with some strangers, and play some guitar under the stars if possible.

I have at least another day and a half of hard work here as well as a photoshoot to do on Wednesday night, after which I’ll probably be in a position to hit the road and find my first campground. I’ll drop a post from time to time, and the occasional tweet. If you’re located anywhere between Vancouver and Cannon Beach, drop me a line and maybe we can meet up. If you want to follow what I’m up to, make sure you follow me on Twitter.

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