Some random thoughts of mine from a coffee shop.

  • Thou shalt know thy order before approaching the counter
  • Thou shalt not hog the cream station for extended periods of time
  • Thou shalt wipe up thy coffee mess after a spill
  • Thou shalt not prefix thy coffee order with more than three descriptive words
  • Thou shalt not setup a laptop on a table for six when drinking alone
  • Thou shalt not order any item that cannot be reliably pronounced
  • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s coffee barista
  • Thou shalt not order the devil’s brew – “non fat, no-foam, extra hot latte”
  • Thou shalt not put 5 cent syrup in a 5 dollar drink
  • Thou shalt not spend more on coffee than on RRSPs or 401ks

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