The Dream That Never Was

Last modified on June 27th, 2008

Most of us have been waiting patiently for Rogers to finally release their data rates for the iPhone 3G that is coming to Canada on July 11th. The good news is that the wait is finally over — Rogers just released full information about their plans.

Unfortunately, Rogers completely missed the boat on this one. They had the chance to bring Canada to the forefront of the wireless world, but instead felt compelled to keep us locked up in our draconian past. There are no unlimited data rates for the new plans, and anything approaching 1GB will cost you $100 or more per month (plus, I’m sure, the 9/11 fee and the system access fee, bringing your bill to $120 or more).

To be honest, it’s exactly what I expected, but I can’t honestly say I didn’t dare to hope that things might be better. On my recent trip down south I walked into a Best Buy and bought a pay as you go plan, including a free phone, for $15. No contract, no nothing. The same deal up here will run about $80, and you need your own phone. In addition, Jason lent me a little USB dongle for my laptop that took a GSM SIM card and provided unlimited internet access anywhere in the US for only $60/mo. We’re so far behind here it’s not even funny.

The iPhone is a revolutionary invention, but it really needs to be augmented with an unlimited data plan to bring it to fruition. Given that Rogers is adamant about a 3 year contract (I can’t think of a single other carrier that wants a 3 year contract), and that their data rates leave much to be desired, I’m probably going to pass on getting the iPhone, and spend the next few days reflecting on the wireless dream that never was.

4 responses to “The Dream That Never Was”

  1. Dale says:

    Agreed- but I don’t think we’re ‘behind’ I think we’re locked into a duopoly between Rogers / Bell. Unless more competition arises, or the Govn’t steps in and regulates a little, we’re locked in a box.

    I can’t believe Apple bent over on this one. Even if they said “we don’t care what you charge, but you must have an unlimited option for data” I’d have been happy, just knowing they had some control in the matter.

  2. John says:

    Totally agree with Dale… There was the hope that Apple had a bigger say it this and would be able to ensure that the iPhone experience was the same everywhere. In the end greed won out. Despite being on a list for a new iPhone, I too am trying to decide if I want to lock in. The 3 year data term is an eternity…I want to better understand my options once inside that contract should something better (plan wise) come along.

  3. Duane Storey says:

    I actually basically wrote another post on this subject in my head on the car ride down. The thing is, it does nothing to complain about all of this and then still lock into a 3 year contract. If we want this to change, then we have to protest with our wallets and show Rogers we’re not going to bend over any more. I could have handled the 3 year lock in if the ETF was reasonable and the plans were decent. But now we have a 3 year lock in AND the plans are garbage.

    You know Rogers has their portable internet server that’s only like $25/mo and allows 10GB worth of data? I bet I could toss that in my backpack with a battery and have a better plan than Rogers is offering for the iPhone. Pretty sad.

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