The First Bit of Christmas

Last modified on November 6th, 2007

There are some people who would say that getting excited about Christmas in November is a bit lame. And to them, I would say bah, humbug. Most of my best memories revolve around the Christmas season — either friends in my university dorm sharing some eggnog (with rum of course), opening presents with my niece and nephew, or watching it snow in Ottawa from my festively-lit living room. I don’t know why, but I just get excited when I start seeing lights up.

So tonight Kasia (a friend of mine who also adores Christmas) and I went out on a quest to get me some decorations for my apartment. It tooks us nearly an hour to get to Canadian Tire, thanks to the crazy traffic in Vancouver for the Olympics. However, once we got there, we totally went to town and nerded out on everything that they had to offer. The Christmas section was pretty dead, so I’m guessing most people aren’t as excited as us yet.

I’m going to go put some lights up now and start decorating my little tree. I know everyone wishes they were as cool as me.