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Last modified on August 18th, 2006

Someone told me last week that 24 was a good TV show. I had heard of it, but never watched any of the TV shows. So that night I went to the Yaletown video place and picked up a few episodes.

Let me just say, this show rocks. Right after seeing a few episodes, I went down to Future Shop and bought the entire first season. I’m on episode 10 I think, which means I still have 14 left.? The best part is that every show essentially ends up a cliffhanger, so you’re so excited to put the next episode on and keep going.? I really don’t know if I could handle a real season of this, where you can only watch one episode a week — it’s just too involving to have to put aside for a week at a time (I need help I know).

Since I’m a bit hungover today, I’ll probably curl up on the couch later and watch a few more episodes.