The Packing Process

Last modified on September 26th, 2010

I just sent an email which effectively gives my landlord my 60 day’s notice for leaving my apartment. I’ll probably drop one off in person in a few days just to cover my butt, but assuming I get a reply tomorrow, I’ll officially start packing this week.

My goal over the next two months is to get rid of as much stuff as humanly possible. Books, clothes, furniture, you name it. If I get my whole life down to just a few boxes, that would be ideal. Probably not possible, but I’m going to do my best.

The unfortunate part of this process is that as my furniture starts to sell, it’s going to be less and less comfortable living here. I’m not overly concerned, since the end goal is to vacate this place and eventually head to South America, but I know it’s going to happen as soon as some of the bigger items are sold.

Once I’ve moved out of my place, I’ll be spending the better part of a month living at my dad’s house. It’ll be Christmas time, so I’ll probably take a break from work for a few weeks and enjoy some time with friends and family before taking off.

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  1. The countdown is on! Good for you man. I’m sure it’ll be a pretty awesome experience. I look forward to vicariously experiencing your adventure through your future blog postings!

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