The Start Of A New Year

Last modified on January 4th, 2010

Today was an odd day. It was the first day back to work in about two weeks now, which in itself was a lot of fun, given what we have on our plate. Prior to that though I had to go a few tests down at Chilliwack General Hospital as a final follow-up to all that garbage I went through with my c. diff. infection years ago. Thankfully everything checked out ok, and I think I can finally put that whole health saga finally behind me. That said, I got nothing but sympathy for anyone who acquires c. diff in a hospital setting like I did.

After work today I went out and made a run to all of my favourite grocery stores. I’m planning on eating as healthy as I can this year, so I stocked up on veggies, meats, and pretty much everything else I was short of. I’d really like to start trying recipes in cook books on a more frequent basis, but it seems like every recipe has one ingredient that I just don’t have at home. So I either have to purposefully make a trip for that one dish, or just continuing making a list of spices and what-not that I’m short and continuing to stock up.

The good news is that my kitchen is starting to be pretty stocked. I recently picked up some nut-oils for salads, a few different types of olive oils (a few that are flavoured), and lots of other really cool things to have in the kitchen. With the recent additions of my little food processor and my blender, there’s not too much I can’t make in the kitchen now, assuming I have the ingredients. Tomorrow I’m hoping to make a low-carb protein shake for breakfast, something I can finally do thanks to my blender. I have a pretty kick-ass recipe that I’m anxious to try, and I’m pretty sure I finally have everything I need at home.

Given that I blew a fairly significant wad of cash on New Year’s, I’m probably just going to be laying low for the next month or so and restocking the bank account. Truthfully, I quite enjoy just hanging out around the house, or catching the odd movie down at the theatre. I don’t mind hitting a pub from time to time for a beer, but for the next little while I’m just staying close to home mostly.

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  1. Well if you feel the need to cook count me in. Come to think of it I don’t think that you have ever cooked for me lol. Guess you need to start

  2. Scott says:

    So how do nachos fit into the new years plan? 😉

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