The Tour Begins

Last modified on March 3rd, 2008

This Friday, Matthew Good will be hitting Seattle for the first show of his US tour. In just a little over two weeks, Matt will bounce across most of the continental United States, hitting such places San Francisco, Austin (for South by Southwest), Boston and New York City.

Matthew GoodMatthew Good @ Massey Hall, photo by Phil

I had tickets to go see Matt play at the second show of his last Canadian tour, but ended up connected to a bunch of tubes at St. Paul’s Hospital instead (thankfully I managed to make it out to Toronto for a show instead). So this time around, I’m planning on being there for the start of the tour.

John Bollwitt and I are hoping to head down to Seattle Friday afternoon for a few beers, and then to see Matt off on the start of his whirlwind tour. Shortly after the US tour ends, Matt is heading back on the road for a huge Canadian tour, complete with a full backing band.

Head over to Matthew Good’s website for more information about upcoming tour dates.