The Tweetup And Another Week

Last modified on August 29th, 2009

Last night’s tweetup was a ton of fun, so thanks to everyone for coming out. I crashed at a friend’s place in Vancouver last night, and came back to Chilliwack around noon today. Unfortunately, someone drove a tractor over my head sometime in the middle of the night, and I had a nice headache for most of the day. I ended up crawling into bed around 1:30pm when I got home, and somehow slept until around suppertime. Given that my fridge was pretty empty, I decided to order some pizza and spend the evening watching a few movies from the couch.

I’m not sure what the weather will be like later this week, but I’ve booked a site up at a campground for next weekend. I’m hoping there will be at least a few days of sunshine so I can go chill out next to a picnic table. Unlike last time, this time I’m going to leave the computer at home and simply enjoy some time outside reading a few books.

I also made a small update to the fonts on this site, mainly because I wanted to experiment with some non web-safe font techniques. The font on this site is generated using Cufon.