This Has Got to Hurt

Last modified on October 29th, 2007

I just read an article online that did a comparison between a bunch of different machines running Windows Vista. You know who the winner was?

A Macbook Pro.

The fastest Windows Vista notebook we’ve tested this year is a Mac. Try that again: The fastest Windows Vista notebook we’ve tested this year–or for that matter, ever–is a Mac. Not a Dell, not a Toshiba, not even an Alienware. The $2419 (plus the price of a copy of Windows Vista, of course) MacBook Pro’s PC WorldBench 6 Beta 2 score of 88 beats Gateway’s E-265M by a single point, but the MacBook’s score is far more impressive simply because Apple couldn’t care less whether you run Windows.

Hard to believe Microsoft and their distributors had all their shit together once.

4 responses to “This Has Got to Hurt”

  1. Trevor says:

    That is brilliant. That pretty much nullifies any reason to buy a PC now. Could anyone have predicted this 10 years ago? This is about as topsy-turvy as Sonic the Hedgehog appearing in a Super Mario game.

    Oh, wait…

  2. Eva says:

    Now the question is: Was it running Windoze via Bootcamp, Parallels or some other method?

  3. Duane Storey says:

    I’d guess via boot camp, but that would be just a guess.

  4. Tawcan says:

    That’s quite interesting. Time to get myself a Mac Book Pro… well if I can afford it that is…

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