116 Days

Last modified on September 28th, 2013

I was thinking a few things through yesterday, and came up with a slightly different plan. My last plan was to give my apartment up at the end of December, and then take off in the first few days of January. I’m happy with the January departure date, but not so happy that Christmas would probably involve lots of box packing and moving.

So I came up with a plan B.

I think I’m going to give my apartment up for the end of November, and be totally homeless at that point. I already asked my dad if it’s ok if I use their upstairs bedroom off and on in December, which they said it was. Plus, I’m sure I’ll be doing lots of last minute visiting around town and in Vancouver before I leave, so I’ll probably be bouncing between couches during that time. By leaving early, I’m saving myself a month’s worth of rent and expenses, which will help pay for some of my trip.

Truthfully, if Christmas wasn’t coming up, I’d probably be thinking about leaving shortly, but I want to be around here for the holidays and don’t really feel like paying $1,500 just to come back for a week. Right now I kind of feel like I’m just killing time until I leave.

Which is why I like plan B, since it means I’m out of my apartment in less than three months, and gives me some stuff to start working on at home. Plus, it’ll be fun to hang out with some family in December, and possibly visit some friends in Vancouver off and on during that time. I have lots of shopping to do in Vancouver, namely a new backpack and some electronics, so that’ll be fun in December.

So, I think that’s the modified plan. I’m starting to look into health insurance now. If anyone has any ideas there, let me know. It seems like most travel health insurance plans are only good for a few weeks of travel. There are a few global travel insurance plans, but I don’t know too much about them.