My goal on my trip is to get myself down to a single backpack when I leave. It’s obviously going to be a pretty technologically heavy backpack, but it’s still going to be pretty light. Most people I know who have traveled say that the amount you enjoy yourself on trips is inversely proportional to the amount of stuff you bring along, and I can totally believe that.

That’s not to say you can’t purchase items when you arrive, because that’s what I plan to do. But in terms of what I take along, here’s a short list of what I’m planning on taking:

  • 13″ Macbook Pro (just got it — nice and light)
  • Apple iPad
  • Mini-DV to Composite Cable (I have to buy one yet, but for $20 it means I can hook my laptop up to any TV and watch movies)
  • A few pairs of jeans and t-shirts, socks, etc.
  • Basic toiletries – toothbrush, razor blades, shaver
  • Two pairs of shoes – one semi nice, and a pair of runners for hikes and day trips
  • Basic wireless router. Probably an Airport Express
  • Basic point and shoot camera – maybe the top of the line Powershot when the time comes. I’m not taking my SLR – it’s just too large
  • Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) – I’m going to get a Vancouver VOIP number and pick up an analog phone so I can get local calls wherever I am.
  • Small, 2.5″ external hard drive with all my movies and backups on it

I’m actually planning on renting or subletting apartments when I go, so I’m not going to be living out of my backpack for long. But, I want to have the flexibility to take it all with me when I feel the need to see something new again.

I don’t really have a good backpack at this stage, and my plan is to hit MEC or another store in Vancouver and buy a nice laptop that has a slow for a 13″ Laptop inside. If anyone has any ideas where I can get a nice one, let me know.

Given that I only use my iPad for reading right now, I may even leave it behind on this trip and pick up a $130 Kindle instead. The iPad is pretty fun to read on, but it’s terrible outdoors. Given that I’m planning on heading to a sunny country, the Kindle might make more sense. But, I can always bring both I guess.

I’m sure I’m leaving things out at this stage, but that’s a rough list. If anyone can think of anything small that I might want to bring, let me know.

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