Last modified on December 3rd, 2007

Sorry for the lack of entries around here. I’ve been meaning to write something, but whenever I find a few minutes worth of time, nothing really comes to mind.

First, I’m on day three of new antibiotics. Good news is that I feel a lot better again, which is a big relief and a really good sign in terms of outcome. Unfortunately, because the dosage is a bit larger, I’m finding that some of the side effects, namely headaches, are a bit worse as well. Also, I find myself extremely tired. The last few nights I’ve come home with the intention on lying down for a few minutes, only to take up hours later. After eating a few slices of pizza tonight, I passed right out, waking up nearly three hours later on the couch again.

I’ve never been one to have a good night’s sleep, and have sort of struggled with that my whole life. There are only a few periods where I can remember sleeping through the entire night, and for the most part, it’s fairly common for me to wake up five to ten times during a normal night. And while I usually fall back asleep right away, the process can be a bit exhausting, and usually leaves me a bit groggy during the day.

Which is why it’s sort of nice that lately I’ve just been sort of passing out and somehow managing to get lots of sleep. Granted waking up at 10pm when you usually go to bed around 11:30pm on a work night is not really a great idea, but so far it hasn’t hurt me too much.

Granville Island Is Across The Water In This Shot

I have a social event on Wednesday night to attend if I’m feeling up to it, as well as Chad’s Christmas party on Friday night. Next week starts all the festivities in my little sphere, including our company’s Christmas party which is taking place at Bridges on Granville Island. Should be some great times, and some good photo ops (although I’m still struggling to figure out what I’m going to wear to my Christmas party). That’s it for now — I think I might clean up a bit and head back to bed.

Also, head on over to matthewgood.org and check out the interview Matthew did on the Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.

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  1. Hope to see you on Friday! I’ll make sure to hide all the giant eye balls 😉

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