Toronto Bound? Maybe?

Last modified on November 22nd, 2007

So I spent about two hours tonight talking to Tony, and I think we both agreed on one thing — spending New Years in our own cities was pretty fucking lame. So, right now, we’re both thinking about heading to Toronto for New Year’s eve, which might be a fairly large mistake for me, I’m not sure.. To be honest, I’m not sure Toronto wants to handle me for that long. I need to convince Chad and Danielle to come with me.

But, I’d love to get out of Vancouver for the holidays and just be me for a while. Not Duane the programmer, or Duane the engineer, or Duane the anything.. Just duane the eyeballl smasher. I miss that guy.

So, if you’re in Vancouver, and can swing flying to TO for New Year’s drop me a line, and let’s see what we can do.

PS – I haven’t really eaten since coming back from Toronto a few weeks ago, so yes, I’m getting skinnier.

PPS – After tomorrow, I’m done my spread of vancomycin, and it didn’t work at all. I haven’t really talked about it at all, but when I was in the hospital with pneumonia, I acquired a life-threatening superbug, once that is extremely hard to get rid of. So if I suddenly disappear for a few weeks at a time, it probably means i’m in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Because, besides for a serious spread of IV, the only option at this point is to remove my colon. Way to go hospital.

PPPS – I routinely get people stop me off the streets and think I’m Ed Norton. I think I sort of look like it here.

PPPS – I didn’t mean to scare anyone with this entry — I’m ok for now. I have a bunch of treatment options left, but nothing really has done much so far. I’m still the same old lovable me 🙂

PPPPS – Tony said he’s only going to TO if a bunch of cute canadian girls hang out with him. So you guys have to sign up and go.