Toronto Bound? Maybe?

Last modified on November 22nd, 2007

So I spent about two hours tonight talking to Tony, and I think we both agreed on one thing — spending New Years in our own cities was pretty fucking lame. So, right now, we’re both thinking about heading to Toronto for New Year’s eve, which might be a fairly large mistake for me, I’m not sure.. To be honest, I’m not sure Toronto wants to handle me for that long. I need to convince Chad and Danielle to come with me.

But, I’d love to get out of Vancouver for the holidays and just be me for a while. Not Duane the programmer, or Duane the engineer, or Duane the anything.. Just duane the eyeballl smasher. I miss that guy.

So, if you’re in Vancouver, and can swing flying to TO for New Year’s drop me a line, and let’s see what we can do.

PS – I haven’t really eaten since coming back from Toronto a few weeks ago, so yes, I’m getting skinnier.

PPS – After tomorrow, I’m done my spread of vancomycin, and it didn’t work at all. I haven’t really talked about it at all, but when I was in the hospital with pneumonia, I acquired a life-threatening superbug, once that is extremely hard to get rid of. So if I suddenly disappear for a few weeks at a time, it probably means i’m in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Because, besides for a serious spread of IV, the only option at this point is to remove my colon. Way to go hospital.

PPPS – I routinely get people stop me off the streets and think I’m Ed Norton. I think I sort of look like it here.

PPPS – I didn’t mean to scare anyone with this entry — I’m ok for now. I have a bunch of treatment options left, but nothing really has done much so far. I’m still the same old lovable me 🙂

PPPPS – Tony said he’s only going to TO if a bunch of cute canadian girls hang out with him. So you guys have to sign up and go.

14 responses to “Toronto Bound? Maybe?”

  1. tony says:

    heated by canadian standards perhaps
    a walk in the park by LA standards
    i was playing GH III for some of it 🙂

    DS + TP + BC + NYE = TO

  2. Duane Storey says:

    Let’s grab a really expensive hotel for next to nothing and spend new year’s in style.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Stupid colon! Remind me to hug you more when we get back.

  4. I am throwing a New Years party…and I would love nothing more but for you and Tony to show up, and this post is super sweet. More people should be as upfront and honest with their feelings for that very reason that they may not be around tomorrow.

    In other news, I will make sure that no giant eyes are present around new years. 😉 Just for you.

  5. Duane Storey says:

    Don’t worry people, I don’t plan on going anywhere..

  6. Witchy Woman says:

    Not like I really know you or everything that you are going through Duane but please know my thoughts are with you and I wish for you nothing short of a miracle. I think that if we as people are good to others, we definately should be rewarded. It is owed to us and very deserving. I hope you get an answer and a solution to all that you are going through. Seems to me that someone upstairs should be looking out for you. It is in these times I really question how and why, still never getting the right answer. Sending a shout out to the man for you none the less. Try to stay positive because the effect is much worse on the body in a negative state. Toronto on New Years? Sounds like a blast. I don’t know who you are telling to come and party but I know some people who would love to party in for New Years:) Any chance to get out and meet new people…we are in. Must say though, we can get pretty crazy and silly but we always manage to have a good time.Keep me posted. New Year, new beginning. Would love to see what you guys all have planned. There is a great restaurant on Queen West too called The Korean Grill House. Check out the website. (koreangrillhouse,com)You grill your own food. Very fun and great food. Cheers Duane!

  7. Dale says:

    From the bottom of my little being dude, you’ll be in my head and heart till you’re out of the tunnel.

  8. Cristina says:

    Good luck with your New Year’s plan, whatever it ends up being. I am in the process of a similar plan, as I have no desire to spend my New Year here in So. Cal. eeewwwwww…lol Sorry your still having so many issues with the medical stuff. I hate going, and I don’t even have to deal with half of what you do. So good luck and best wishes Duane.

  9. Ciavarro says:

    If you need a colon, I am pretty sure I have some to spare.

    My mom always said I had a giant asshole.

    No wait, she said I WAS a giant asshole. I take back my offer. I still need my colon.

    Regards to NYE, I probably will be lame-o. My budget is still whacked from the last annihilation of brain cells.

    I think we’re having a little xmas get together in and around the 7th at my suburban outpost. Let me know if you’re interested.

  10. Duane Storey says:

    Color me interested dude.

  11. Commmeeee toooooo Toorrroonnttooooooooooooo

  12. laura says:

    oh hai.
    this is me only getting to ping you RIGHT NOW because i was so tired all day and the snow pwned me for the short while i was outside so i am hiding inside now. 🙁

  13. Duane Storey says:

    Aww 🙁 I like snow. I wish it would snow here.

  14. Eva says:

    Superbug bad!

    A guy at work went to Pakistan after they had that big earthquake a couple years ago. He caught some sort of bug there after he had some McDonald’s food thinking that was a safe bet. Anyway, when he came back to Montreal to get treated for that bug, apparently he caught one of those other bugs too. Nasty! :p He seems to be a lot better now.

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