Toronto — It's Official

Last modified on November 23rd, 2007

Tony officially booked all his flights and everything for New Year’s in Toronto, at which point he tossed the email-gauntlet towards me and said “what’s up now?’ So, I have stepped up to the challenge and have also booked a flight for Toronto. Unfortunately, flying in Canada at that time of year is pretty pricy, so my flights are all at weird times to save money (and coming home it’s a three-city milk-run).

The Guy On The Left Should Really Come Too

I’ll be spending Christmas at home with the family, and then heading out to Toronto to enjoy the cold for a few days. I’ll probably have to call in a few favours and find a few couches to crash on out there, but I will definitely be showing up and enjoying some snow amongst friends.

2 responses to “Toronto — It's Official”

  1. …and there was much rejoicing. 🙂 There shall be shenanigans and some hootenannies to be had.

  2. Beth says:

    You and I are having opposite holidays – I’m spending Christmas in Toronto (where everyone in my family except me lives) and then coming home to Vancouver for New Year’s. Your T.O. friends must be more exciting than mine ‘cuz when I was trying to decide whether to stay there or come home for NY, everyone there was all “meh, no idea what I’m doing on NY” so I decided to spend it here with my cool friends!

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