Transformers the Movie, Almost Here

Last modified on June 19th, 2007

Ok, it seems like almost 90% of all traffic hitting my website in the last week or so has been related to a blog posting I did a few months ago on the forth coming Transformers movie by Michael Bay. For those of you living in a cave, Michael Bay (director of Armageddon and Pearl Harbour) chose to turn the lovable, clickable toys from the 1980’s into a full-fledged, live-action movie.

The movie premieres on June 20th around the world, and opens on July 3rd here in North America. If you head over to Ain’t it Cool News, you can check out a few early reviews from people who have seen it already.

The current word on the street is that the special effects are pretty unreal, but the story-line is a bit weak. However, if your heading to the theatre to watch a show about cars transforming into talking robots and expecting some sort of intellectual stimulation, well, you’re probably shit out of luck. I’m pretty sure most people are going for the special effects (and of course, the token hot girl, which in this case is Megan Fox).

I have to admit, I was a fan of the cartoon as a kid, and I owned most of the generation one transformers. So, I will definitely be checking this out at some point, hopefully with Brennen and Jeff. It’s going to be stupid, brain-numbing entertainment, but it should be a fun time. If anyone is in the area and wants to check it out as a group, drop me a line.

If you want to check out a trailer, head on over to Yahoo.

4 responses to “Transformers the Movie, Almost Here”

  1. hesty says:

    Will there be lots of explosions and gratuitous sex? If so, count me in. 😉

  2. Dave says:

    As you noted how can anyone actually expect a story line to be developed? Its about transformers enough said. Really what they want is the special effects to be so good that you return again to the movie with some friends in tow.

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