Transformers the movie

Last modified on July 2nd, 2006

I used to be such a big fan of the Transformers back in the 80s. I religiously watched the cartoon show every afternoon after school, I owned about 50% of all the toys (which I stupidly sold for about $50 one summer to fund my arcade game playing). Now, there’s a new movie coming to the big screen about these guys — I hope it doesn’t suck too bad.

Here’s a little teaser trailer for it:

Click here

2 responses to “Transformers the movie”

  1. mel says:

    my brother loved transformers too… he used to run around the house and play transformers which is quit hilarious because he’d do the “tranform” with this chu-chu-chu-chu sound and mimic the motion… maybe you’d have to me there…

  2. Duane says:

    That’s awesome. All my friends used to make those stupid sounds too. We even used to run around the playground pretending we were cars and planes and stuff.

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