Vacation Entry 7 – The Resort

Last modified on August 27th, 2007

Well here I am, in the Dominican Republic, taking a quick break from drinking to write a small blog entry here. This is the first time in quite a while where I’ve just relaxed and been content with reading. Last night I tried to use the wireless internet here, but it wasn’t working. And as soon as I learned it wasn’t, I almost felt a bit anxious. And that’s when I realized just how important it is that I just put the computer away this trip, and enjoy my time by the pool. So, I doubt I’ll do more than a quick blog entry a day, most likely in the morning on my way to breakfast.

The weather here is pretty perfect — around 34C during the days with a slight overcast in the afternoon, dropping to a humid 21C in the evenings. I woke up today around 9am, and made my way directly to the pool to have a beer. They have been keeping my fridge in the suite stocked with beer and coke (in cool glass bottles), so I pretty much always have a casual drink in my hand. I can definitely tell that I should have brought more books with me, as I’m nearly done the first one and it’s not even 1pm on my first day here. Maybe I’ll have to borrow some from some of the others here.

I’ve been pretty much exclusively drinking girly drinks, and I’m ok with that. The Pina Coladas are rather heavenly, and I can’t seem to drink enough of them.

Anyways, I don’t feel like being on the computer, so I’m going to shut it down, probably until tomorrow. Another batch of women is arriving shortly from wherever, so tonight will be the night to socialize and meet new people from a far. It’s pretty sunny where the internet access is, and I can’t really see my computer screen due to my polarized sunglasses. I could just take them off I guess, but then I wouldn’t look as cool, so for now you guys are going to have to put up with spelling mistakes in my entries, since I can’t easily proof read.

Talk to you guys soon.

4 responses to “Vacation Entry 7 – The Resort”

  1. Kasia says:

    Hey Duaner! I just got back from my vac in PEI during which I did not touch a computer even once… and it was HEAVENLY. Enjoy your trip! Looks like a great place.

  2. Keira-Anne says:

    You haven’t had one of my pina coladas. Now those are heavenly…

  3. Rebecca says:

    We’ll have to have a froofy drink night at our place sometime soon, you can make pina coladas (they ARE yummy) and we’ll do up some margaritas. We’ll wait for the Duaniac to be back though 😛

  4. Rebecca says:

    oop that was directed at Keira… obviously hehe

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