Vacation Ideas

Last modified on March 9th, 2008

As I mentioned in my last post, my mind is starting to drift towards a vacation sometime in the next two or three months. I’m thinking about overlapping it with a trip I’m making in June to Disneyland (to hang out with some of my family who will be there).

Here are a few ideas:

  • Vancouver -> Los Angeles -> Costa Rica: I loved Costa Rica when I was there, and it might be cool to head back and rent a little place on the beach for a week. The flights for the entire trip are about $1000 right now. Not bad for five flight segments.
  • Vancouver -> Los Angeles -> Cancun: I’ve actually never been to Mexico, despite paying $2000 for a trip I was never able to go on. If I ended up in Cancun I would be more interested in visiting Mayan ruinds than I would be partying. But I love the Caribbean, and I’ve been told Cancun is pretty awesome. Visiting Cancun in June might be a bit weird though. Total flights: $890.
  • Vancouver -> Los Angeles -> New York City: I visited New York City a few years ago, and really fell in love with the city. I spent most of my time there doing touristy things, so if I were to go back I would spend more time in the areas I haven’t been. Plus, when I was there last it was late July and it was hotter than hell. Cost for the entire trip is about $800 for this one
  • Los Angeles -> Auckland, NZ: I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. Flights from Los Angeles to NZ are around $1100 right now.
  • Vancouver -> Los Angeles -> Maui, HI: Hawaii is also somewhere I’ve wanted to hit for quite sometime. It might be the most obvious choice from LA, since it’s not that long a flight from there. Entire trip is around $1000.

Where would you go for a week in June if you had a choice?