Vacation To Puerto Plata

Last modified on August 26th, 2013

Blue Bay Getaway

What do the following things have in common?

  • The Caribbean
  • All You Can Drink
  • A Topless Beach
  • Adults Only
  • Three Pools
  • Six Bars
  • Sandy Beach
  • Dominican Republic
  • All Night Dancing
  • The “Boob” Cam

If you guessed me, then you’re right. In about 13 days, I’ll be hitting the beach of the Dominican Republic, enjoying the sun, warmth and liquor of an adults only, all inclusive resort in the middle of the Caribbean. If there’s enough interest, I’ll set up a daily iChat from the pool bar for those people who want to see how much fun I’m having. I’ll ask around and see if there are any volunteers for the “boob-cam” and put up an RSS feed for that.

I can’t wait! I’m heading to the “Puerto Plata” area of the Dominican, which looks something like this:

Blue Bay Getaway

Blue Bay Getaway

The resort I’m staying at is called the Blue Bay Getaway, and most of the reviews for it are pretty awesome. The only down side is that after leaving my friend Rob’s wedding, I have to get on a Greyhound bus at 2:30am to Montreal, and somehow get on a plane at 7am in the morning. If I can get through that, then I’m golden for the rest of the trip.