Vancouver Dating Life

Last modified on July 20th, 2007

I saw this personal ad on craigslist tonight. This basically represents the type of ads I’ve grown accustomed to reading over the last year:

I am an attractive woman so I deserve the best. He must be tall, athletic, and educated. He must be successful,drive a nice vehicle, live on his own (no roomates) and be on his way to owning his own home soon. He must be generous. He must be willing to pamper me, indulge me, and treat me like a princess.I want a man who will take me for nice dinners and someone who likes to travel (with me).I don’t mind if he has a busy schedual. I will make him happy in return in whatever way he desires. He must be in his mid 30’s. Please don’t even bother to respond if you lack any of the above criteria because I will ignore you. Why would I settle for less?

This is, for all you people not from Vancouver, a typical female-bar-star attitude in this city. I happen to live right on the edge of Yaletown, which is arguably Vancouver’s most pompous and pretentious part of town, and I’ve met many a girl in Yaletown bars who happily regurgitates this same type of rhetoric.

Go ahead and send her an email and let her know just what you think of her sale’s pitch.