Vegas Recap

Last modified on June 30th, 2007

Since I have a few minutes to kill in the Las Vegas airport here, I thought I’d write a quick update on everything since leaving my pad back in Vancouver. Firstly, traveling on a long weekend sucks. The Vancouver airport was a complete zoo, mostly because of the forthcoming holiday, but also due to all the construction on the rapid line. I walked around the US departures area for a while looking for my flight, only to finally figure out that it was actually leaving from the International terminal instead of the US side. And for those of you who don’t travel that often, what that means is that I didn’t clear US customs in Vancouver, but was forced to clear them in Vegas.

I definitely didn’t factor that into my travel plans, and right away was pretty sure that would put me at least 30 minutes late to Matt’s party. Clearing customers took around 20 minutes, and had I not been sandwiched between two sweet girls, I might have been extremely upset. I SMS’ed Rebecca a few times letting her know what my status was, and watched the clock tick slowly by.

As soon as I cleared customs, I darted outside of the airport and looked for a cab. In my mind, I fully expected the cab line-up to be big, and the limo line-up small, and figured I was just grab a $45 limo or something and save the hassle of a huge line and a $30 cab ride. However, since the plane landed in the steerage class of the airport, nobody was waiting for any taxis. I walked up to the waiting guy, held out the google maps sheet I printed out a few hours ago, only to hear him say “uh, I have no idea where that is. That area is new.” However, since I had no other option, I was like “ok, let’s roll.”

As soon as we started to roll, I asked what I thought was a rhetorical question – “you guys take Visa right?” However, I was told they don’t, so they cabbie told me he’d swing me by an ATM and let me get some cash. I finally ended up at Matt’s party, and was about 20 minutes late — however, a few other people were too, so I don’t think I held anything up. As I walked into the door at Matt’s place, I was greeted to a “Hey Storey!” by Matt.

There were already lots of people there, so I just unpacked my laptop, grabbed my camera and started shooting. The complete set is in my other blog entry, but I’ll post a few of my favourites here.

Here’s a shot of Matt grabbing his guitar and starting his warmup.

The first song of the night:

Metal Airplanes

A shot of people sitting around listening:

And finally, the birthday shot of Matt laughing to a few jokes:

Matthew Good, on his 36th Birthday

It was a really great night, and we all hope Matt had a really awesome birthday. I even got to meet a few cool people like Tony Pierce (we sat around and discussed Michael Moore’s new movie, Sicko), and a bunch of Matt’s friends and fans.

After getting back to the hotel, Rebecca and I walked around the strip for a while taking photos, and then popped into a little tiny restaurant to grab some nachos and my $18 margarita. It was tasty, but rather large I’m afraid.

My flight is boarding in about ten minutes, and in a few short hours I’ll be hanging out in San Francisco with my friends Jason and Sheila. I was originally planning on coming back on Monday, but I might hang out down south a few more days and work from here. I’ll drop everyone a line again, most likely tomorrow while in San Francisco.