Wagons Ho!

Last modified on April 16th, 2009

Last night my friend Rebecca had a few tickets to the Canucks game given to her at the last minute. She popped on iChat and asked if I wanted to come, which of course I did. It was the first Canucks game that I had seen this year, and the very first game of the playoffs.

Tonight I’m heading out to Osoyoos with John Bollwitt. Apparently he has a radio setup to do down at a wine show out there, so him and I are taking his company’s mini-cooper out to the interior for the weekend. Other than Mexico (which was obviously pretty cool), I haven’t ventured too far from home since moving back to Chilliwack, so I’m looking forward to to a little road trip. I also haven’t really pulled my SLR out since I moved either, so I’m going to charge it up and take a pile of photos around the lake.


I think the current plan is to leave Chilliwack sometime around 4pm, which means we’ll probably get in around 9 or 10pm tonight. John has to setup everything tomorrow, so I’m hoping I can find a coffee shop with Wi-Fi and do a bit of BraveNewCode work.

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