Want free stuff? Mazda 3 Sport: inquire within

Last modified on January 20th, 2007

The very first car I ever owned was a 1993 Toyota Tercel, and I didn’t buy it until sometime around 2003. I’m not really sure how I survived so long without a car, but I guess as a student you get pretty used to public transit. In November 2006 I got into my first car accident ever, and if I had to blame it on something, it would be because my windows were all fogged up (thanks to the never-working defrost system in the Tercel). After that, I realized maybe it was time to get rid of the used car and get something a l ittle newer. So in January 2006 I made the plunge and bought a new car: a 2006 Mazda 3 Sport.

I really love it. It’s good on gas (I got about 900 kms on a tank once), it rides smooth, the audio system is really good, and best of all, I feel totally safe in it (compared to the Tercel). Which is why I was a bit bummed when someone sent me this article the other day at work. Apparently, if you want to break into it, you just have to dent the passenger door, and it will fool the car into unlocking the door. And after that, someone will zoom zoom zoom away with all your valuables.

I guess a good defense is just not to leave anything in your car, but sometimes that’s a total pain in the ass. I’m not sure what Mazda’s reaction to this will be, but I hope they offer some kind of fix for free.

The photo is my step-mom camping during the summer, with a shot of my car in the background.