Last modified on November 16th, 2007

For the first time in quite a while, I plan to spend most of this weekend at home doing things for me. I’ve spent the last little while traveling, and to be honest, I’m starting to get a bit tuckered out. Except for an appearance at a friend’s birthday party tonight in Gastown, I think I’m going to lay extremely low.

Want to know what I’m looking forward to doing the most right now? Grocery shopping, if you can believe that. I’m going to head down to Urban Fare and pick up a pile of food so I don’t have to eat out for a while. I think tomorrow night I’m going to make a lasagna and sit at home watching movies. And putting up more decorations.

Anyone see any good movies lately that they’d recommend? I have a pile of movies at home I haven’t returned yet from netflix or whatever, but I might head down the street and rent 3 or 4 myself.

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