Weekend Recap

Last modified on January 27th, 2008

Tonight I met up with the gang to celebrate Amy’s birthday down at Wing’s on Granville Street. We had a few pitchers of beer and demolished somewhere on the order of 16 pounds of wings as a group (I’m now officially “winged out”, so I probably won’t go back there for a while). It was tons of fun, even though I ate that one hot wing that melted my mouth.

Afterwards we ended up down at the Bowling Alley on Granville and played a few games. My head was still a tad sore from the night before (the danger of drinking for free at a bar), so my game was a bit off.

I took a pile of photos the night before down at Launch Party Vancouver, and will write all about that in a few days. Tomorrow I’ll be taking it easy, and possibly meeting up with Boris and James to talk about Startup Weekend in April. Monday I’ll be the official photographer down at the Facebook developer meetup.

After bowling John and I hit Future Shop so I could buy a few movies. They had this wicked sale on older movies, and I picked up four of them for an average cost of about $8 each (DVD). Since HD-DVD is basically thrashing in it’s death-bed, I’ve decided to hold off buying any more HD-DVD discs (truth be told up-sampled DVD looks pretty damn good anyways). I just popped in Gangs of New York, and I imagine I’ll pass out part way through it since I’m fairly exhausted.

The one thing that bothers me to no end though is that there are adverts at the beginning of these discs. It’s one thing to have ads when you rent a disc (although once I complained about that too — funny how it’s sort of become the norm now), but when I buy a disc I really don’t think I should have to watch a pile of adverts for other movies.

** Update. Ok seriously, who’s the rocket scientist who put the disc change between discs one and two of Gangs of New York during a sex scene? Way to go, dipshit.

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  1. Keira-Anne says:

    Thanks for coming out last night, D. It was as fun as always 🙂

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