When You're Too Tired To Blog

Last modified on December 28th, 2007

Wow.. I’m beat. I made the mistake of staying up late last night, thinking that I would be tired enough to pass out and get a few hours. Unfortunately, I hardly slept at all last night, and am at the airport, completely bagged. It’s 5:50am, and I have another 40 minutes before the plane boards. Clearly I was a bit tired last night as well, since I drove all the way to my landlord’s house to drop off six checks that I somehow made out in the wrong amount on all of them (something that wasn’t discovered until I got all the way back home);.

Thankfully, I brought along a mild sedative, and as soon as I board I’m going to hopefully manage to sleep for the duration of the flight. The procedure to checkin my luggage was a big clusterfuck this morning, so I’m hoping my luggage actually makes it to Toronto.

After a four hour flight, I have an hour commute to look forward to. Depending on how I feel when I land, I may have to consider a small nap once I check into the hotel, because right now I feel like death. Of course, at 5:30am nothing is really open in the airport except for crappy little coffee shops. I managed to find one that had these gross little burrito things that had “hash browns” as a filling, which is as close to breakfast as you’ll find prior to 7am I guess. It was as disgusting as I thought it would be. I stayed away from caffeine so hopefully I will be able to sleep in about 40 mins or so.

Will write more in Toronto when I land.