Whirlwind New Year's Adventure

Last modified on January 1st, 2010

Wednesday night I boarded a plane for Charlotte, North Carolina to ring in the New Year with some friends at the Whisky River tavern. I got in early in the morning yesterday, took a nap, then dolled myself up a bit for the event. Mike Smith (Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys) was actually there too, and he got up on stage and sung his Liquor and Whores song. Afterwards, Matt put on a great one-hour set, with Mike Smith joining in on Born Losers.

After the show we all just hung out at some tables on the side and just rang in the New Year with some beers and a bit of champagne. Unfortunately for me, I had to be at the airport at 5am this morning, which is pretty hard to do after a night of drinking. Needless to say I was pretty out of it at 5am this morning, and really not in the mood to spend 8 hours on planes. I also noticed at this point that I had forgotten to put on underwear for some weird reason which meant I would be flying commando most of the day.

I slept most of the way from Charlotte to Chicago, but had to wake up there to transfer areas at O’Hare and make my connecting flight to Vancouver. I also apparently forgot to eat anything yesterday, which meant my first real food in about 30 hours was some bagel I picked up at the airport. On the flight to Chicago I had the emergency exit row, which wasn’t too bad for sleeping. But I had an aisle seat for the Vancouver leg, and didn’t really get much sleep thanks to people brushing against me as they made their way to the bathroom.

Unfortunately I seem to have left a pair of jeans in my hotel room in Charlotte, and inside of those jeans was my visa card and my parking voucher for my car at YVR. When I pulled my car out, they tried to ding me $100 because I lost my ticket, but I eventually got them to pull out a calculator and do the proper math.

I’ll post some photos and videos later tonight or tomorrow. I’m a bit bagged from all the travel, so I’m gonna take a nap and get caught up on sleep here. But I had a really great time in Charlotte.