WordCamp Whistler

Last modified on October 30th, 2008

Yes, that’s right people. How does going up to Whistler and spending a weekend boarding/skiing and talking about everyone’s favourite blogging engine, WordPress, sound? I suggested this briefly on Twitter tonight, and immediately got a message from Rebecca along the lines of “hell ya!”

I emailed a hotel already tonight at the heart of the village to see what kind of group rates we could get in December or January. I think it would be awesome to go up for a weekend, hold a WordCamp during the day, and do afternoon/night skiing in the off time, or on the second day.

Rebecca and I helped organize the last WordCamp a few weeks ago, and it was a ton of fun. Given that it was a great experience and everyone learned a lot, I’m definitely interested in helping get this event off of the ground. What better way to talk about WordCamp then up at North America’s number one ski result, surrounded by awesome people, great scenery, and of course, a bunch of Canadian beer.

I really need to get some numbers to give a hotel for some rates, so please drop a comment if you’re interested in heading up for a weekend. Also, if you’d be interested in talking about something, drop me a comment as well. Any help getting the word out for this event in the planning stage (i.e. right now) would be great.


  • Whistler official opens on November 27, 2008. So I’m thinking January might be a good time.
  • I added a wiki page WordCamp Whistler. If you want to edit it, the password is “c4mp”. Please add yourself to the list if you think you might attend.
  • There’s also a Facebook event for the wiki-challenged people out there. check it out here.
  • The RSS feed for this event is here. Feel free to subscribe to it to keep up with the updates.