WRT54G Wireless Router

Last modified on July 8th, 2007

My wireless connection at home is made possible by the WRT54G router, which is a pretty popular router for reasons I’ll explain. When the router first came out, inquisitive people soon found out that it was based on a modified Linux distribution. Since Linux is GPL, the people using the WRT54G put pressure on the makers of the router to release the firmware for it via open source, since to not do so would be in violation of the GPL license. So, after finally caving in to public pressure, the WRT54G firmware was released to the public.

Several variations exist of the firmware, so tonight I went about trying to upgrade mine to try and improve some wireless problems I’ve been having. So, after doing a bit of research, I downloaded the latest beta of the DD-WRT firmware and upgraded my device.

The good news is that my wireless problems seem to have gone away, and apparently this firmware is far better than the stock one I was using. Also, you can do cool things with it like bridge other wireless devices, or create a mesh network at home.

If you have one of these puppies at home, you should definitely check out a new firmware for it.