Last modified on January 5th, 2007

All my troubles seemed so far away… (kidding)

So had an interesting day yesterday. Got lots of stuff done at work, which was good. I love being on a “coding roll” where everything makes sense and falls into place.. Having those hard problems to solve is nice as well, but sometimes it’s nice to fall into “brick-laying-mode” where you can just crank out code and feel good about it.

At the end of the day I had my six week follow up with the plastic surgeon who did my surgery. When I saw him after week two, I was a bit concerned because it still didn’t look right. He suggested we give it another month to let all the inter-orbital swelling go down. Which I did. At the meeting yesterday he basically agreed that it still didn’t look as good as it should (i.e. perfect), and that he wasn’t entirely sure why. One thing is that some people reject the plastic implants since they are a foreign body. So he said he might have to go in and take it out (which isn’t so bad, since it’s already done the job and allowed the original bone to regrow back into place). So, I have an appointment at 10am today with an eye specialist who is going to do some detailed measurements on my left eye to see exactly where it is in relation to my right eye. Then, another fun filled CT scan. And then, who knows, maybe one more surgery.. So exciting.


The good news is that last night Dustin and Dori invited me over for dinner. Dori made me a nice low-carb chicken dish with a zucchini dish as well. Very tasty. Afterwards, we sat around drinking wine and watching comedy skits on youtube. All in all, a very enjoyable evening with the friends.

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