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I’ve been thinking lately about starting to go to Yoga. I really know nothing about it, other than people go and bend in various directions for an hour or so at a time. I had a few friends in Vancouver who went religiously, guys too, and they always seemed pretty pumped about going. I’ve been trying to come up with more things to do when I’m not working, and things that involve exercise or being healthy are at the top of the list these days. The gym is great and all, but treadmills and dumbbells get a bit boring after a while. I’m also hoping I can meet a few more people in the class and get to know some of the locals.

I guess the first order of business would be getting a Yoga mat? Where does one go to buy one? Are there good mats or bad mats, or are they all pretty much the same?

Any pointers or suggestions would be great.

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  1. Lyndsey says:

    Yay!! It’s really great you are thinking about doing this, I hope you follow through =) (Hot) yoga for me has really become like a form of therapy. I seriously doubted it at first, mostly because of those that kinda preached about it. But in time, I have find it has really given me more of an inner peace.

    It kind of forces you to focus and challenge yourself- mind and body, while staying in the moment. It washes a stressful day away, any negative energies, and my restlessness. Not gonna lie, some days are harder than others- but you really learn to listen to your body and breathe through it.
    Though it is kind of an individual thing, the motivation that drives you greatly comes from those practicing around you. Sometimes I feel like my legs are burning, and I feel like giving up, then I look over at the one beside me, and think”If she can push through another couple moments, so can I!” Other days, I feel like I kicked that practice’s ass =)
    I have met so many wonderful people in the (yoga) community, and friends as a result =)
    Obviously, the health benefits have been many. I feel detoxed, more flexible/toned, and stronger. It is still a challenge for me to sleep, but my body is more relaxed, and you can’t beat the amazing feeling you bask in, following a practice.
    I think it is a great idea (no hurt in trying!!), and if you start- I would always be happy to join you =)
    Best of luck, D.

  2. Lyndsey says:

    PS Get out on a bike too! I bike almost 21.5km a day (4-5 days/wk), plus yoga… I forgot how free you feel with the awesome breeze blowing over your skin. Not to mention, the great scenery soon see along the way, and I am kicking some major ass trying to get back into shape!
    Just watch out for all those @ssh0le drivers *wink*

  3. Duane Storey says:

    I find that the only way I can even get close to a sound sleep is when I don’t have any caffeine in me. If I have a couple of cups during the day I usually toss and turn at night.

    I would love nothing more than to get a bike and start riding again. Unfortunately as a kid I did lots of mountain biking with a relatively expensive bike, and I don’t really want to start again with something cheap. I also don’t really want to shell out $1,000 right now on anything, so basically biking is off the table. Hence $5 Yoga!

  4. Krista says:

    I’ve recently taken up hot yoga and find it challenging at best. Jumping into it was hard because I’m disgustingly out of shape and stiff everywhere but it’s helped my joints lossen up a bit. Some days are better than others but I have a goal I need to reach so I will keep going until I do. I’ve learned that when the instructor tells you not to guzzle your water down you have to listen. And that it’s okay to take a break if you physically can’t do a pose.

    You can buy a good Yoga matt just about anywhere, I bought mine at London Drugs for about $25 bucks.

    The best part about yoga is that it’s totally your time, you go and you do your thing and then it’s over. Good luck Duane, hope you enjoy it!

  5. christine says:

    I’ve been doing yoga religiously for over 8 years now. Before you sign up with any of the studios, you may want to try a few. A lot of them have packages for the first few weeks which usually include yoga matts and towel.

    If I were you, I would check out yyoga, sempreviva, open door yoga. Those are three of the bigger ones. You could spend a month, just trying those three places. Don’t forget to try lots of different types too and teachers.

    Teachers are the most important thing. A great teacher is worth it.

    There’s also yoga for the people in the downtown east side. It’s by donation only and they have matts. That would be another great place to start.

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