You’re interested in signing up for my newsletter? Great! But first, why don’t I tell you a bit about myself, and what you can expect in terms of content going forward.

First, I’ve developed a lot of software. Previously I was the lead developer of a voice and video engine – basically the guts that went into applications like Skype, Yahoo!, etc. At its peak, the little media engine was used by over 100 million people to call friends and family over the internet.

Eventually I decided it was time to start my own company, and teamed up with a friend to start a software company that focussed on WordPress plugins. In 2009 two of the plugins I helped create were voted the #1 and #3 plugins (out of about 20,000) for all of WordPress, and announced at the main WordPress event, WordCamp San Francisco. One of the plugins, WPtouch, had lifetime revenue of severanl million dollars and was recently acquired by an investment firm.

One of my favourite books is the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, mainly because I appreciate his unique perspective on running and operating a business. One of my main philosophies is that a business should work for you, not the other way around. Too many entrepreneurs I know are slaves to their business, which is a shame since businesses have the ability to provide freedom for their owners. I managed to travel to 38 different countries while working for my business, and I’m going to teach other people how to as well.

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